New in 2017, the engraving allows us to control internally the entire phase of termination of a component. We can modify all types of files, images or shots internally which allows us to guarantee a high quality quality during the engraving.

The idea of engraving came from the Swiss Made label, which is becoming increasingly important for luxury Swiss watchmaking products and requires component traceability.

We have invested in a production tool of last generation allowing us to manage large volume of production 24H / 24H.

We master the simple three-axis engraving as well as the complex engraving in five axes. We can engrave very fine text as well as consecutive numbering.

We are able to make a simple marking of a few hundredths to a deep engraving up to 0.5mm without draft and without burrs in ferrous or non-ferrous materials. We can also perform micro-machining, micro-cutting and texturing.

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